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Improve fitness, flexibility, coordination, respect for others and self-confidence with Judoka judo classes

At Judoka, we provide breakfast, curricular and after-school judo classes for primary and secondary schools across the UK. We work to ensure that we’re as inclusive as possible and our classes match the age and skills of students. Students are also taught basic Japanese judo terminology and techniques in line with their abilities. We follow the British Judo Association’s recommended syllabus with all students being encouraged to progress through the Sho and Mon grades and adhere to The Judo Code which promotes respect, self-discipline, fair play and friendliness.

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How does it work?

Step 1

Judoka provides a complimentary introduction to schools, providing an explanation and demonstration of the Olympic Sport of Judo. The timing of this is entirely up to you but we have found that most schools find assembly to be the most convenient time for this.

Step 2

Following the introduction, we offer a series of taster sessions in schools. These provide opportunities for students to try Judo for themselves, get to grips with a modern martial art and gives them an idea of what to expect from the sessions in future.

Step 3

Following successful introductions to Judo, schools request a further block of Judo or look to start a weekly Judo club within the school!

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