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About Judoka & the Benefits of Judo for Children

Judo has grown steadily in popularity throughout schools and the benefits of the Olympic sport are becoming more widely known. With Judoka, you can join the ever-growing numbers of schools that have made judo part of their curriculum.

Judo not only facilitates improvements in behaviour and confidence for children but can also play a key part in anti-bullying strategies and be used as evidence during Ofsted inspections. Judoka believe that judo can be much more than belts, medals and certificates. It creates a path to happier, healthier, more disciplined life that encourages children to respect themselves and other people.

Judoka believes in the core ethos that judo was created with – improving individuals physically, mentally and emotionally improves the individual’s connection with society and, in turn, society as a whole. Providing children with fun and focus whilst improving their health and confidence is something we take seriously as we understand the long-term benefits of it.

With both formal and informal elements; discipline and freeplay, judo provides a safe, encouraging environment to learn how to behave appropriately, how to recognise boundaries, how to control themselves and how to have fun with others.

Core Values

The core values taught in judo go much further than the room they’re taught in. For example, students must be presentable. Uniforms are, and must consistently be, white and clean. There is no bad language permissible in judo classes. These restrictions and rules are enforced boundaries that translate to the outside world seamlessly. It’s a unique teaching environment that benefits both teachers and students.

Would you like to bring judo to your school either as part of the curriculum or as an outside of school hours activity? We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us today and learn how judo can benefit your students.

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